"I believe that one size does not fit all. Before you start on a medication or vitamin supplementation, let me help you to personalize your treatment based on your genes/DNA. "

Lucia McEntee, RPh, MS, CPGx



 It is a genetic test that in some instances can predict how a person will respond to specific medications. Thus, this type of testing offers promise for informing the selection or dosing of some medications for certain individuals. It is a part of the field of precision medicine, which aims to treat each patient individually. 

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Molecular genetic studies have identified several genes that may mediate susceptibility to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). A consensus of the literature suggests that when there is a dysfunction in the “brain reward cascade,” especially in the dopamine system, causing a low or hypo-dopaminergic trait, the brain may require dopamine for individuals to avoid unpleasant feelings. This high-risk genetic trait leads to multiple drug-seeking behaviors, because the drugs activate release of dopamine, which can diminish abnormal cravings. Early diagnosis through genetic polymorphic identification in combination with DNA-based customized nutraceutical administration to young children may attenuate behavioral symptoms associated with ADHD. Dopamine and serotonin releasers might be useful therapeutic adjuncts for the treatment of other Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS) behavioral subtypes, including addictions. 

Nutrigenomics can guide a personalized supplementation to supply what is lacking in the brain. 


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