Are you taking multiple Medications?

Have you experienced side effects from medications?

Do you feel your medications are not working?

Do you have any chronic condition? (Mental health, cardio issues, cancer, etc.)



Pharmacogenomic may be the solution to help you. 


What is pharmacogenomics (PGx)?

  •  PGx tests look at specific genes that affect the body’s response to certain medications.

  •  Evaluation of DNA variations and other clinical factors are used to personalize medication.

  •  Precision Medicine increases efficacy, decreases side effects and saves money.


Who could benefit of the PGx test?

  • Patients that are taking multiple medications, experiencing treatment failures, side effects, frequent medication change, or will be starting on a new medication.              


How often do I need to take this test?

  • This test is done one time in a lifetime, and it will help you now with current and future medications.  

What is required to complete the PGx test?

  • The PGx test process is simple and painless. Once your test is ordered, a test kit will be shipped directly to your home. All that is required is either a simple cheek swab or saliva collection that you do yourself. All of your instructions are included inside the kit. Follow all instructions closely to make sure that an adequate DNA sample is obtained and reduce the possibility of needing to repeat the test. Once you complete the test, you will return the sample per the instructions using the enclosed return label. 

Is my genetic and personal information protected?

  • Yes. The lab companies, as well Full Circle PGx LLC, take every necessary precaution to protect your confidentiality and privacy. All storage and transmission of your personal and health information is encrypted and HIPAA-compliant.

In addition, you cannot be discriminated against because of any genetic lab result, according to Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA). GINA is a U.S. federal law that protects against genetic discrimination in the workplace and through one’s health insurance. It also safeguards individual and family privacy of genetic information. With new advances in science, technology, and data management, GINA plays a vital role in establishing a baseline of protection for all Americans against discrimination.

Where Can I learn more about Pharmacogenomics?

Pharmacogenomics (


What is nutrigenomics?

  • Nutrigenomics is broadly defined as the relationship between nutrients, diet, and gene expression.  It translates genomic data into practical lifestyle and nutritional recommendations that are rooted in science and medical research and geared toward helping achieve optimal health and wellness.


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